Welcome to the SMFC’s new blog site.

The Solihull Model Flying Club was established over a million years ago, and we still have some of the original members.

Posting of articles is open to any member. If you are a member and would like to write an article about anything to do with the club, whether you are buying or have bought a plane, building, want to share a maiden flight, share a video, talk about an away day you took with the club, announce an away day you are planning or just want to share something with the other members then please get in touch for a login so that you can create new posts yourself, or if you prefer the post can be created with or for you.

I hope this site can become a wealth of information and an insight into how the club works for club members and anyone who is think of getting into the hobby but just needs some confidence to take the plunge. So please don’t be shy I know that I would love to know what plans you have and how you are getting on with them.

Lets get this blog site up into the big blue

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