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As you may have seen from my previous post, I made 2 Eurofighter EDF planes. The first made from foamboard was maiden a week ago. You can see the video of this here:

Although this was mostly successful it was underpowered, so I made the Mk2 from Depron expecting it to be lighter and so better power to weight, this was the case, although I also reduced the throws on the elevons which ultimately seemed to be the downfall of the model. Its flight can be seen here:

As I came round for the final turn to come into land I dropped the power which seriously slowed the model, and as I tried to make the turn and pull round for landing I ran out of elevator travel and so could not make the turn. The result was a small dent in the ground and a lot of broken depron20131201_140123r 20131201_140109r

Back to the drawing board…

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