With all the wind and rain at the moment it makes pretty challenging flying weather.

So its time to be indoors building. We did get asked not so long ago about where we bought our Foamboard and Depron from so I am posting this to try to bring anyone that wants to buy some board together, or at least give the information out.

I bought the foamboard and bough it from here:


It was the A1 sheet at £19.44 for a box of 10 sheets. Delivery was free for orders over £75.

The Depron was ordered by Mel and I hope he will update this if its wrong, but I think it was purchased from here:


The 6mm, 1000 x 700mm sheets are the ones we use. Mel did phone up, they sell ‘airo grade’ which is a finer grade of depron which is most suited to making model planes, this doesn’t seem to be purchasable directly on the website, but is purchasable by phone.

I think our regulars have bought enough of both depron and foamboard to keep them going through the bad weather until they can crash some again, but if anyone in the club is interested in purchasing some then leave a comment below. If there are a few people wanting some boards then at least the delivery charge can be shared.

  1. Mel Jones says:

    Re last comment,
    The 6mm depron cost £2.88 at time of writing, however there is a minimum order quantity of 10 sheets.
    If anyone wants to buy some then try and get together with other people, this way you can make up a 10 sheet order quite easily.

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