This is a very off topic post, but it is so impressive I thought I would share it.

This letter was delivered to us in Birmingham, England on the 20th December, postmarked Warsaw, Poland on the 16th December.


They know where we all live! All they need is your name!

  1. Mel Jones says:

    The more I think about that the more incredible it is. How did the Polish post know to sent it to the UK?
    The must be only one Ewa Lawton!!,……. sounds like a football chant.

    • Chris says:

      We did actually get another card, also postmarked 16th from Warsaw, from someone in a different part of Warsaw. Someone in the sorting office must have noticed the name and managed to keep the 2 cards together. Even then likewise when it got to the UK sorting office it must have been kept together.

      But I think all of that is far less feasible than there is only one Ewa Lawton!!!

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