I’ve had to do quite a few repairs to planes, my most recent damaged plane was the Blackbird which I flew into a tree, should be a good place for a Blackbird to be, but apparently not. Since the plane is so simple with not too many bits I was thinking of taking the electronics and building another, but our illustrious and wise chairman, Mike, made comment that it could be fixed, and when I got home and inspected the damage it became clear that he is indeed wise!

So the main 3 areas of damage were:

The nose had been snapped, this glued back together nicely, no problems there.

The forward left of where the nose becomes the body had a big chunk snapped out of it, I did have the bits that had been broken out, but some was missing and what I did have had been distorted so didn’t fit back very well to glue back. So a replacement bit needed to be made. I used the opposite side to make a piece which would be the right shape, then flipped it oven and put it over the hole and cut round it to create the gap for the new bit. Some UHU Por round all edges and let it dry for a couple of mins before putting it into place, and voila:


The other section of damage was the tail. This had quite a large chunk off the back of it, and I did not have the various remains. So I decided to replace this also. Using the original plans I created the replacement tail section and then again used this to cut the old damaged tail from the model. My next concern was that the stresses on the tail would be too much for just a bead of glue down 1 surface to hold. I did have some 2mm fibre glass rods, so decided to embed 2 small bits of this to give the tail more strength without adding too much weight.


IIf i hold the tail up to the light you can see them through it:


So finally there are a few little nicks in the body which are not serious enough to replace sections of the body, but look a bit odd, so a bit of black tape over these should do the trick. Sorry Scott, this is actually packing tape, not gaffa tape, but I may have to revert to gaffa tape if these don’t stay stuck.

20131210_205136r 20131210_205401r 20131210_205711r

So now it is all back together.. A bit of a black-and-white-bird now, but that will just help me tell which way up it is…


We shall see if it still flies as well as it did

  1. Mel Jones says:

    Using the glass rods is a good idea, I`ve used cocktail sticks for this sort of thing in the past.
    How about putting a strip of leds along the bottom, might help with orientation.

    • Chris says:

      Thats a good idea with the cocktail sticks, I was thinking of using metal pushrod, but didn’t want the weight, I had the glass fibre rod so I used that, but otherwise the cocktail sticks would be a great idea.
      And funnily enough I did think of the LED strips, I have put some white tape on the bottom now (as you suggested before), but you never know maybe some LEDs will go on it sometime. Need to buy some though.

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