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I wanted to build and fly something a little different, so whilst searching the internet one day I came across this…


and I knew I had to have a go at building one.

I started with the makings of a wicker basket…



Which soon became a birdcage…


Next I added the stringers in…




Rather than just a rudder and elevator to control it I decided to use rudder and elevons, with the thought that if the model spun on it’s axis I may be able to trim it…


Next I added the electrics, and also to stop me constantly breaking the stringers I covered it in depron…



After, I covered the depron in tissue and varnish to hopefully make it more robust…

And then decorated it to look like a spaceship 🙂


It has a 1900kv 28mm motor spinning a 7×5 prop, which seems to give it more than enough thrust 🙂

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