• Julian says:

      Thanks Chris, sounds like I may well have encountered a tree if I’d taken the WD out in the wind today. I hope that your model(s) escaped significant damage!

    • Julian says:

      Yes, sorry Scott, I should have given you credit for the very professional take-off and landing there!
      The second flight was much shorter so although I do have the video I thought that the first one made for a better upload.

      • Scott says:

        No credit needed mate, your flying is coming on in leaps and bounds. Keep up the good work 🙂
        Maybe after a couple more flights you could do a video montage?

        • Julian says:

          Thanks Scott! 🙂 Yes, I intend to make more videos and a montage sounds good. I might try some more mounting points on the model so the camera can be pointing backwards or sideways.

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