It has been over 40 years since I last scratch built a plane and then it was balsa and tissue, and it crashed… So this time not wanting to make life easy, I printed a A4 version of a foam plane, scaled the general proportions and used a flight test method of construction. The general […]


When Mel sent me the video for this plane, I thought I gotta give it a go, there is no plan to build off you just have to follow the video here… The first (of many) problems was the weight of the foam board, the stuff they can get in America is much lighter, so […]


Recently Scott pointed me at ‘Printed Warbirds’ in that list was the¬†Focke-Wulf FW-42. A fantastic looking plane that looks like it is something out of the wacky races and I was a little surprised that¬† Scott hadn’t noticed and already started building it. So with a bit of persuasion I decided to have a go. […]


Time to start a new project, I have built a Versa Wing before, it was made from foam board and was configured as a pusher. Although it flew, it wasn`t nice to fly, because it was to heavy, foam board itself is not the lightest material and with the motor at the back a lot […]


I recently finished the FT Duster, I’ll not go into the build since the video on Flite Test goes through the build so much better. http://flitetest.com/articles/ft-duster-build The maiden flight could have gone much better: I reduced the throws slightly and increased the expo a little more, reduced the size of the battery I used from […]

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I was lucky enough to be bought a new plane for Christmas, Starmax’s version of the Saab Jas39 Gripen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saab_JAS_39_Gripen). The model was nicely boxed, easy to unpack and put together. It came with 3 servos preinstalled for the elevons and the rudder. It also came with the speed controller and a ‘custom’ EDF unit. […]