When Mel sent me the video for this plane, I thought I gotta give it a go, there is no plan to build off you just have to follow the video here…

The first (of many) problems was the weight of the foam board, the stuff they can get in America is much lighter, so I decided to have a go at building mine from mainly depron with balsa wood for extra support.

I started with a balsa base and built up from there…


Had to make the fuz a little bigger as I wasn’t doing the side folds in the build video…


I still tried the EDF unit in for size, once happy I stuck it in with double sided tape



For the wing I took two pieces of depron, stuck together with cross weave tape, then carried on the same as the video…


I folded it over, and also added a carbon rod for support. The ailerons I made out of balsa…


I added some more cross weave tape  when I stuck the wing on…


The tail section I added some thin carbon rod for support and again used balsa for the control surface…


And for the finished plane…


Flew great…

Just a shame I forgot EDF’s need air speed to stay up… Ooops

  1. Chris says:

    And it was going so sweet…
    You managed to get the depron to bend without snapping. Did you need to apply heat or did you just manage to get it to curve?

    • Scott says:

      I used a lolly stick to crease the depron in regular intervals and gently kept creasing and bending till I got the curve I needed, just as easy as the foam board creases but without the 50% score cut first 🙂

  2. Mel Jones says:

    I didn`t know that it had crashed till I watched the video. Nice flight up till then though, did it need a lot of throttle to keep it moving?

    • Scott says:

      Not really, full power at launch then happily flew along at half throttle, would have needed less if there had been any wind, the crash was my own fault, for a moment I forgot I was flying an EDF lol

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