Recorded from the ground station, this is a good view of exactly what is shown on the screen when flying by FPV from the back of an E-Fair glider. First flight fairly uneventful, you can see the weather coming in a bit on the horizon, and sorry for the Youtube hold music again. The jerkiness […]


My poor old shark is falling apart so I thought I’d give it a last outing before the motor finally gives up, first flight was great as always, second flight was shorter as lo and behold the motor started making funny noises lol. Had a brownout while inverted too, thankfully it came back on before […]


Like watching an old movie when someone is holding a big black bomb… you have to watch to see what happens when it burns down…   And although you can’t see the kick of the rocket very well, this is the view from the 808 #18 video camera forwards