The general gist to how this came about was a small conversation between myself and Mr Chris one Tuesday not so long ago…

Coming up the field tonight I asked?

No said Mr Chris

Not to worry then says I, hopefully catch you Sunday

Great said Mr Chris, get some photos of plane silhouettes while your there tonight for the blog site says he

Erm… okay says I.


So here they are…

20140722_201540(0) 20140722_201540 20140722_201621(0) 20140722_201705 20140722_201704(1) 20140722_201705(0)

The photos are of my Fournier RF5, and taken by Tracey 🙂


  1. Chris says:

    It was a lovely evening, it’s a shame I couldn’t make it, but you have taken some fantastic ‘flying into the sunset’ pictures!

    • Scott says:

      Was a shame you couldn’t make it mate.
      Is there anyway to turn the images into thumbnails on here?
      The original pics are a bit big for the page so had to reduce the size, cheers 🙂

      • Chris says:

        If you just upload them, they look huge in the edit screen, but as soon as you publish it they are resized to the correct size to fit the page (you can of course preview the post before publishing)

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