Video taken slope soaring at Burton Dassett.

The wind direction was SSW and the speed was moderate, I`m guessing 15-20 mph.

When flying from here there is some turbulence which you do not get when flying from a coastal site such as the Great Orme, you can see the difference if you watch my last video.

I would like some advice please, you will notice that when the model is inverted it starts to nod, I don`t understand why this is so, C of G is correct. Your thoughts on this are welcome.

The yellow plane you can see belongs to Barry.

  1. robert says:

    Did you go without me ?
    If this was one of my planes.
    I would think that I was having to hold in too much elevator to keep the plane level. This would make the plane stall – recover – stall – recover -stall – recover etc.
    I would make it less likely by moving the COG back. Have you tried a dive test ?

    • William Warrow says:

      Mel – great video – I think the nodding is caused by lack of airspeed – keep a bit of up in when upside down – Wild Thing’s tend to mush a bit anyway if you let the speed drop off. Where’s Robert’s plane? – hiding and waiting his chance to take your nose off?!


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