It is with some surprise and a little sadness  that I have to report the first plane crush at the SMFC flying field in living memory!

It happened last Sunday, 1st November when Tony C. performed an act of enthusiastic parking, probably encouraged by the beautiful weather, and failed to spot Campervan Dave’s Trainstar next to his campervan.

Words were exchanged and deals were struck. Needless to say, the Trainstar didn’t fly that day! It remains to be seen if Tony can perform a minor miracle and repair the damage done, or if the Trainstar is consigned to the great runway in the sky!

Other than that, it was a stunning day!

  1. Dave Keil says:

    The trainstar is no more
    Its pushing up the daisies
    its deceased

    However it will be resurrected to a sparkling new RIOT
    Happy flying!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    With the AGM coming up I would like to propose a motion for a new club rule to limit the height of planes so that they can be parked on safely without damage to cars.
    All in favor…?

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