For those who do a spot of slope soaring, these are my initial pictures of my latest experiment – 3.75m glider using glassfibre wings and balsa for rest of the construction.  If it doesn’t fly, it will be a big crash…

the BFG development is now ready to test, all we want is a nice westerly and a visit to Pole Cottage…

20160116_161159 20160116_161128 20160115_114205


Sorry about the orientation of pictures, rotate does not seem to work on the blog





  1. robert says:

    Looks good Barry. Is it just a two piece wing ? Big pieces !
    What are you thinking re. airbrakes or spoliers ?
    Keep the photos coming.

    • Barry Twilton says:

      Yes 2 piece wings as the car boot is over 2m with seats down. I will use the same crow braking as the Skua and orange thermolite which works very well. I am expecting it to be docile and with the dihedral on the wing tips quite stable.

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