Once more a band of intrepid SMFC slopers braved the elements and this time travelled to Haresfield Hill on Monday 25th January 2016 for a spot of time wasting slope soaring.

To say it was a bit breezy would be to slightly understate the case. For example, Campervan Dave volunteered to launch Le Fish for Adrian:

Haresfield 250116 (2)

He was given clear instructions about where to launch, in which direction to chuck it and where he would end up if he didn’t get it right!;

Haresfield 250116 (3)


Campervan Dave trudged off to the appointed place to attempt a launch, battling against the breeze all the way:


Haresfield 250116 (4)


He steadied himself, braced against the breeze, and was about to launch (notice the lost headgear!):

Haresfield 250116 (7)

When a sudden gust caught the underside of Le Fish’s wing and:

Haresfield 250116 (6)

Campervan Dave went fin over wing and ended up on the ground.

However, Campervan Dave doesn’t give up easily and aided by a band of helpers, eventually managed to get Le Fish airborne:

Haresfield 250116 (5)


Proper ‘seat of your pants’ flying – well, launching at least!


Great day! Thanks to all who made it fun!

  1. Dave Keil says:

    I must be given the opportunity to protest at this attempt to belittle my standing (or not standing) within the club!
    It is very clear from the photographs that I was pushed and did not merely get blown over by the wind!
    It was also very noticeable that the photographer (Mr Colin Watkins} made absolutely no attempt to help me in my precarious position.

    However as usual it was a great day.

    • Colin Watkins says:

      Thanks for your timely contribution, Dave! I accept that I didn’t offer immediate assistance, or any at all come to that, but in my defence I would like to point out that it was I who ran off to collect your woolly hat when the breeze removed it from your head! By the time I returned with the hat, your new found friends had got you to your feet and all seemed to be well.

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