The decision to build a RE8 is from recent information from Belgium confirming my Great Uncle died whilst flying an RE8 in Belgium at the end of the First World War,¬†which was a surprise as he normally flew Bristol Fighters. This first¬†model is small with a 37″ wingspan and 25″ long and a bit heavy, […]


Following the development of a new fuselage over the winter and the addition of a camera and transmitter, the Riot has now gained a Eagle Tree Vector control unit and GPS/compass. So for those interested in this technology and to demonstrate my inability to fly in straight lines I have attached some data outputs from […]


Today, the model aircraft rescue boat was called into action for the first time! After a distress call from Adrian`s Catalina the rescue boat was quickly deployed and sent on it`s way. We have just received amateur footage from a distressed on looker who used a mobile phone to capture some dramatic video which shows […]