It is with great sadness that I have to report the loss of a truly amazing plane. The Blue Riot had flown many a sortie, it carried planes on piggyback, flew with smoke, rockets and even ribbons. On one occasion it even carried a banner for someones 40th, but we wont go into that.   […]


It was quite a bleak, somewhat miserable day on Wednesday 25th May. Helping to cut the grass on the landing strip meant standing around for some time in the chilly wind watching the more experienced  members of the club operating the mowers with precision and skill. When flying actually commenced, one or two members were were […]


Pike the Slope Soarer Following the successful maiden flight at Leckhampton yesterday I thought I should take a couple of pictures of it whilst it is unscathed… Pike started out as an experiment to make half a wing using balsa covered foam to compare weights with the glass fibre wings. This showed a 50% reduction in weight […]


Subtitle: You take out two models but return with only one.   Barry suggested we go to Leckhampton, which is just south of Cheltenham, to try out the slope there. The slope is listed on the Slope Soarer guide as usable with a north to north-westerly wind, which as it happened was the wind direction […]


It started when Adrian invited our slope soaring gang to have another go at flying under Llangollen pier.  Adrian, Mel, Dave, Chris, Scott, Steve-B, Mike and Tony and a sprinkling of the fairer sex met up at the Great Orme Ski centre on Saturday lunchtime.  We could not detect any wind but the forecast of […]