It’s great being a member of the SFMC, and thanks to all those Club Officers who make it work so well. However, in spite of my son Julian’s encouragement, and everyone else’s, am sure I don’t really have any native talent for model flying, unless it flies very slowly indeed. This was, I think, well proved when I took over my Radian from Julian on Sunday 24th Sept. 8^)

The video says it all, and it only remains to thank again Adrian, Colin and the other chap (whose name, alas, I have forgotten), for spending an hour recovering the plane, including dealing with many cows, and indeed a large bull who came to investigate the people he thought were interfering with his harem.

See you on the next very calm day. 8^)

Best wishes to all, Norman.

  1. Scott says:

    Great video Norman, don’t give up there’s no need, we’ll just have you on the buddy lead and you’ll be fine, you’ll still be able to enjoy your flying.

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