Today, the model aircraft rescue boat was called into action for the first time! After a distress call from Adrian`s Catalina the rescue boat was quickly deployed and sent on it`s way. We have just received amateur footage from a distressed on looker who used a mobile phone to capture some dramatic video which shows […]


Well it was Norman’s Junior (plane not son) but Adrian did the flying. A beautiful old style plane from the pioneer flying days. High dihedral, beautiful paint job, big open field landing gear, and a beautiful (but fake) single cylinder head through the top of the fuselage, it can’t help but evoke some emotion in […]


I’ve been slowly improving my quad copter. I previously had a servo based camera mount which was less than ideal with the camera jumping a lot. So I managed to find a cheap brushless gimbal complete with controller, sensor and brushless motors. It was designed for a gopro, but with a bit of balancing I […]


After thinking that slope soaring was difficult because getting to the slope was time consuming, I find that I have been tempted up the Long Mynd twice in a week! The same hard core of intrepid soarers from SMFC that tempted me up the Orme (In my last posting!) also tempted me up the Long Mynd. […]


This time I worked with Scott to try to film from the quad. Again flying Line Of Sight, even with a slower plane and cooperating with the pilot I simply couldn’t keep up with the plane. The quad just couldn’t get enough speed, when I increased the power to try to speed up I had […]


Yes I’m now up to the 4th revision of my quadcopter (sorry Scott, I couldn’t resist carrying on your Star Wars theme). I’ve now used 3 different frames and 2 different controller boards, and this is now the latest version, now with a new frame with landing skids, turnigy 1400kv motors, 8×6 props but using the same […]

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A short edit of a flight using my Cularis, I mounted the camera on the wing tip. I thought that I may have a problem with balance but it turned out fine and I needn’t have worried the model flew just as it did without the camera. My Cularis is quite heavy and so flies […]