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Pike the Slope Soarer Following the successful maiden flight at Leckhampton yesterday I thought I should take a couple of pictures of it whilst it is unscathed… Pike started out as an experiment to make half a wing using balsa covered foam to compare weights with the glass fibre wings. This showed a 50% reduction in weight […]


Continuing to work on the quadcopter with Multi-Wii Pro board I added a bluetooth module to it and used the android application EZ-Gui Ground to communicate and upload the waypoints for a misson Starting with a simple circle of the field. This was uploaded to quad, the quad taken off and then the mission activated […]


Since first building the quadcopter with the HobbyKing flight controller board we had a few issues with stability. Robert purchased the MultiWii-Pro board, and was having some issues with the configuration software, so has lent me a second board he purchased. The MultiWii board has many advantages over the KK base HobbyKing controller board. Over the […]


Earlier this year I tried a new flying change – slope soaring using a Spectre flying wing. Following this initial experience, I decided I wanted to build my own conventional type of glider and started looking at kits and glass/carbon fibre planes. However, having spent many years messing with, building and racing cars, I thought […]


A rotary wing aircraft that I can fly outdoors has been something that I’ve been wanting to try for a little while, I even priced up the required items to build a quadcopter on hobbyking, but then procrastinated about buying it until I spoke with Scott who fancied building one too. So I ordered 2 […]


This seems to be a question that is asked, but never really answered. The normal response is a full range receiver has enough range to work as far as you can see the plane. This was correct, but more recently we have been flying FPV which has allowed us to explore this question further, and […]

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After learning the lessons of my previous flight (http://blog.smfc.co.uk/2014/07/fpv-on-a-new-glider-in-the-wind/) and with Scott kindly donating a Super Cub to the cause I have now fitted the FPV equipment, GPS and OSD. Firstly I removed the brushed motor, speed controlled and unfortunately the receiver since this is a single unit, and because I don’t have a battery […]